Bangkok to Patong Beach, Phuket

A journey from Don Mueang Airport to the white sands of Patong beach, Phuket.

Air Asia flight: 1839 baht (booked 1 day before travelling)
Meter Taxi: 735 baht

The meter taxi is much more expensive in Phuket than anywhere else in Thailand. This meter started at 50 baht and went up in increments of 5, as opposed to every other meter taxi I’ve seen in Thailand that start at 35 baht and go up in increments of 2. The other option was to pay an upfrontt rate of 800 baht to take a taxi.

I could have taken the cheaper minibus to Patong (180 baht) but it takes more time, is more dangerous, and they also stop to try and hard sell you day trips.

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