Bangkok to Patong, Phuket 2016

A journey from Bangkok’s Don Mueang Airport to Patong, Phuket in early October 2016.

I flew Nok Air for the plane journey, the cost was around 1600 baht for a one way tickets. Nok Air allow bags up to 15kg to be checked in for free (unlike other low cost airlines – something to consider).

The approach to Phuket is one of the most scenic in the World, I would have got more footage but unfortunately I was hounded by a frumpy air stewardess saying ‘no photo!’

Taxi or minibus?

It’s 180 baht for a minibus and around 750 baht for a meter taxi to Patong. The minibus stops at an office where they try to sell you tour packages.

I don’t ever take these minibus vans in Thailand due to the recklessness of the drivers. They are often on a time limit and get docked pay for being late. If you google ‘van crash thailand’ you will see very quickly the consequences of the bad driving.

Chartered taxi fare is to 800 baht to Patong.

I always take the meter taxis as I haven’t had a bad experience yet. I was told that these set fee chartered taxis have to stop at the office for paperwork similar to the minivans.

For the taxis it’s worth noting that they don’t allow people to buddy up and be dropped of at 2 different locations.

Rolling hills of Phuket.

Phuket is very hilly and you can see this from the video. It’s not surprising that there are many motorbike crashes especially from inexperienced tourist riders and many fatalities have occurred. My advice is only rent motorbikes if you have experience already.

Gig hotel no longer guest friendly as of November 2016.

Unfortunately, the Gig hotel I stayed at has changed to be no longer guest friendly and now charges 1000 baht for any lady to join you in your room.

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