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Old Man Dance in Soi 7 Pattaya Agogo Bar Girls

This old boy cutting some funky shapes is hilarious…..If you come to Pattaya Thailand on holiday or possibly living here then take the time to watch this short clip taken in Soi 7 Agogo bar in Pattaya 2014. These special moments is what makes Pattaya the best city in the World and is the reason […]

Meanwhile in Thailand…. Dog on a bike

Just another normal day in Thailand, nothing to see here…..

Eat Thai food they said, it will be fun they said…

This is by far our most poplar Thailand themed meme video we’ve made so far

Chill Level: Thailand

When your boss makes you work on your day off…. DISCOVER PATTAYA’S HIDDEN GEMS!

How to keep your husky cool in Thailand….

How to keep your husky cool in Thailand….