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Amazing Fighters – 4 Fighters of Muay Chaiya – Local Experience in Surat Thani

Another style of Muay Thai from the 4 regions is Muay Chaiya from Surat Thani. Not only the fighters will have an opportunity to practice Muay Chaiya but also visit various places in Surat Thani such as Wat Phra Borommathat Chaiya Worawiharn, the City Pillar Shrine. Learn the way of life of fishermen and catching […]

Thailand Extreme Makeover Season 2 – Ms. Darleen Cubas at Slim Up Center and Asiatique

Starting a relaxing day with the Chocolate Spa and the Ultrasonic Liposuction at Slim Up Center. Then, in the evening, all contestants go to Asiatique to enjoy the Ferris Wheel and the Calypso, Bangkok. (Visited 47 times, 1 visits today)

Phat Thai

Phat Thai, is a well-known dish with a reputation for having an alluring taste. The ingredients and steps when flavouring the dish is unique to Thai food. The essence of this dish can be appreciated by everyone. You may easily prepare Phat Thai yourself, or to get a distinct flavour come to Chanthaburi province to […]

Amazing Fight – Fardin

Check out 20 contestants of ‘Amazing Fight’ from 1,000 applicants in the preliminary round. Let’s find out what kind of exclusive experiences await them. Vote the favorite contestant to show your support and you may even win luxury prizes at until 24th March only. (Visited 20 times, 1 visits today)

Amazing Fight – 2 Finalist of Muay Lopburi

Video clip on the day that they have to fight on stadium front of Phra Prang Sam Yod, Lopburi. And find 2 winners who go final round at Bangkok. (Visited 26 times, 1 visits today)