Destiny Agogo on LK Metro by Love Pattaya Thailand

Destiny Agogo is located about halfway down LK Metro from Soi Buakhao on the right and open daily from 7.30 p.m. until very late.

Destiny Agogo The front of Destiny Agogo is very well lit with custom made red lit signage on the walls and above the entrance.

There is a small outside seating area where you will be greeted by the staff on the street. As you enter the bar you will be greeted and seated by the polite, professional serving girls.

The main room inside is 2 shop houses, so there’s plenty of room. The walls are mirrored and there is a central pole dancing stage area big enough to accommodate up to 7 sexy coyote dancers for your entertainment.

The girls here are all great looking and very friendly too and the seating is comfortable and there is plenty of leg room for a few lady friends to join you. The bar is very well lit with disco ceiling lights and the sound system is great quality.

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