Kaos Agogo by Love Pattaya Thailand – September 2015

Kaos is simply one of the best intimate Agogo bars in LK Metro, actually, in Pattaya.

Quite a bold statement, but once you have spent a night in this super compact venue of fun you will find out for yourself.

Located on LK Metro, this stylish black and chrome Agogo has some of the best girls in town who will mesmerise you with their hypnotic hips and professional dancing skills!

There are 20 girls, 15 of which are classed as model dancers, and yes it’s easy to see why they are called models, these girls are hot, hot, hot!

The bar has a central dancing area with 5 poles and mini stages with seating facing the action with mirrors on the walls. You are so close to the dancers, it almost fells like these lovely ladies are giving you a private lap dance! There is also a large flat screen TV showing dancing lady videos if the real thing isn’t enough!

To read the full article about the Kaos Agogo bar in LK Metro, please visit there official page here…

Kaos Agogo

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