Living on $1,000 a Month in Bangkok Thailand! Checking out the TESCO Department Store!

Living on $1,000 a Month in Bangkok Thailand! The two main versions of “Thai – Super Walmart’s” are: TESCO and Big C! These department stores are usually 2-3 stories filled with every necessity you need for your home. But what makes these better than your typical Super Walmart is the price! Here you can dine at their food courts or grab take out for a $1! I can get fresh pressed juices (made that morning) for less than a $1 each! Also, one of the benefits of living in Thailand is the (inexpensive) cost of Healthcare! If you get sick – just walk into any pharmacy and you will walk out with your prescribed drug for $3 – 9! No more stupid doctors’ visits – that waste half your day…no more overpriced “co-pays” – no more over priced healthcare and drug prices!!!! You will find everything you need here – check out our latest episode from Thailand!

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