Pattayanis Greek Taverna Restaurant – Pattaya Thailand

Traditional greek food of the best quality cooked by staff trained in greece .A traditional greek taverna with ouzo and buzuki music.

Pattayanis Greek Taverna PattayaTraditional greek food of the best quality cooked by staff trained in greece for more than 4 years! we are a small but unique greek restaurant in pattaya.the two years that we are open we got the best reviews from our customers.if you feel for a greek night out come and we will serve you the best traditional greek recepies,mousaka,lamp in oven,souvlakia with real lemon and even we will amuse you with some real live buzuki music!

The food was great. I love Greek food and this is the best I’ve had.

The owner is one of those jolly people that genuinely love good food and pleasing his customers. He goes out of his way to make sure you have a great experience.

Everything we ordered was delicious and we could tell they only use top quality ingredients. Can’t recommend it enough!

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Pattayanis Greek Taverna

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