Sanctuary Of Truth Pattaya Thailand

The Sanctuary of Truth is not really a temple for praying, its a building to preserve the ancient art of wood carving techniques. The themes are based on eastern religions but anyone can appreciate the intricate details and amount of time and effort gone into creating it.

The Sanctuary of Truth is located just outside Pattaya taking around 20 mins to get there if travelling from the city centre. Be aware there is no taxi service coming back to Pattaya from the Sanctuary Of Truth, members of staff can call a taxi for you, but your likely to be charged more than the normal cost for the return journey home. Alternatively, and probably the easiest option would be to book with any number of the tour companies in Pattaya, just negotiate your price and make sure they provide transport both ways.

Upon entering The sanctuary of truth, you will notice an office on the left which offers different types of tour packages for the day, horse carriage, horse riding, ATV and a boat package. If you plan on spending the whole day at The Sanctuary Of Truth you should definitely consider one of these options.

Most visitors will be fine with the standard ticket and simply walk down to the temple at there own pace. Elderly people may find walking to the temple a little troublesome due to the many number of steps along the way so depending on your circumstances you may want to arrange with the taxi to take you down to the temple instead of walking.

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