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Tourists Dunk Girl In Water Game On Walking Street In Pattaya

A bizarre game shows cheering tourists throw tennis balls at a girl in a cage on Walking Street in Pattaya, Thailand.

How to keep your husky cool in Thailand….

How to keep your husky cool in Thailand….

Meanwhile in Thailand…. Dog on a bike

Just another normal day in Thailand, nothing to see here…..

Have You Ever Tried the Tuk Tuk Tipping game?

Have you ever played the Tuk Tuk game? It’s very simple, grab two Tuk Tuks and offer the drivers a 100 baht tip to the first one to arrive at your destination

Thailand’s Version of “I’m a celebrity get me out of here”

They call in Killer Karaoke, would you give this a go?..

Chill Level: Thailand

When your boss makes you work on your day off…. DISCOVER PATTAYA’S HIDDEN GEMS!

Meanwhile in Thailand… TAG your mate Andrew….

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