Windmill Agogo Pattaya | The naughtiest Agogo in Pattaya

Windmill Agogo bar is located on soi Diamond off Walking Street Pattaya, Thailand. Windmill is known to be the naughtiest Agogo bar in Walking Street Pattaya.

A great Agogo bar to meet a sexy Thai girl of your dreams. They run a great club and like to have fun. Windmill Agogo has consistently been one of the top Agogo bars in Pattaya city for many years now.

Don’t take our word for it, read the independently written testimonials from many visitors to the agogo who have commented and left reviews on our website.

Windmill Agogo is owned and run by westerners, so if you have a problem with a girl, member of staff or a bill, just let them know and the western management will resolve the issue.

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Windmill Club Agogo

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